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Enhance Your Content for Mobile

4 Ways to Enhance Your Content for Mobile

Internet browsing reached a significant tipping point in 2014 when mobile usage overtook desktops. Prior to this, mobile-friendly content seemed a low-priority.

Today, businesses must put mobile users first. Changing their approach to digital marketing and content in particular.

To fully appreciate this shift in numbers, think about your own internet browsing habits. You probably check emails on your phone, use apps to socialise and scroll through web pages on your tablet. For businesses, this presents a new challenge.

To get their message heard, content must be enhanced for the mobile experience – which is vastly different to desktop browsing. Here’s how to do it:

1. Be concise

You have 2 minutes… sitting on the tube, waiting for the kettle to boil, standing in a queue, most of us will steal a quick glance at our smartphones. In those few seconds, the sites we visit must capture our imagination or risk being skipped.

In order to stand out, your content must be concise. Ditch rambling introductions and focus on relevant information with clear calls to action.

Use just a few short words to convince your audience that they need to listen – and act – on your content. Whether that’s a snappy title, sharp ad copy or a laugh-a-minute video clip.

2. Understand the art of click-baiting

Click-baiting is often criticised as a shameless and sometimes deceptive bid for web traffic. In many cases, the criticism is earned. How often have you clicked on a link, only to be left feeling disappointed by broken promises of a ground-breaking reveal or exclusive article content?

But while true click-baiting is only relevant to certain sectors, there is one important lesson to be applied to all businesses, and that is the power of a great heading. Your article should have a title that entices your readers, urging them to click. Keep it short – at somewhere between 8 and 12 words – and make it relevant above all else.

Why is your article worth reading? Your title should make that clear, while the body of your content should deliver on your promises.

3. Look beyond paragraphs

Text is a major component of your content, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Don’t stick to one well-trodden route for communication. Instead, embrace different ways to connect with would-be mobile customers by:

  • Steering clear of lengthy paragraphs
  • Writing attention-grabbing titles and subheadings
  • Using different formats – including graphs, bullet points and tables
  • Embracing visual communications, including images and video

Remember, your mobile audience is busy and often distracted. To get noticed, your content needs to be varied, engaging and relevant.

4. Be mobile-friendly

It’s all well and good creating incredible web content, but what happens when users land on your website? Is it mobile-friendly and ready to deliver a first-rate user experience?

Don’t let your effort go to waste by losing customers once they reach your website. Responsive web design will optimise your site according to an individual platform – taking into account screen size for the very best browsing experience.

Once your audience has landed on your web page, they’ll enter into a conversion funnel driven by key objectives and outcomes. A mobile-friendly design ensures you stand the best possible chance of a conversion.

A bonus tip

Once you’ve followed these 4 steps to enhance your content for mobile, your website will start performing much better on mobile platforms. But don’t make the assumption that this alone will benefit your ROI – use the likes of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to analyse real data from mobile users. Look at landing pages, bounce rates, and common exit points. Be proactive, and continue to enhance your content for mobile.

Have you been affected by any of the issues addressed in this story? Feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help.

Image sourced from personifycorp.com

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