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“Ask The Expert” Wins An Award

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Our “Ask The Expert” web app has won an award for ‘Best Customer Experience’ at the Tech&Ecomm Awards 2015!

Produced for the World Duty Free Group via our partners Blackjack, the app allows its customers and staff to easily contact the experts through Facetime. Experts within each field are able to directly help users, providing answers to their queries in multiple languages.

At the start of each shift, the experts are required to sign in to the app making them available to Facetime. When users require the experts assistance they look on the app to view their availabilities. If experts are available then the Facetime call can simply be made, however if no experts are signed in then the option of contacting them is greyed out.


Providing easy, direct Facetime contact to the experts, we are delighted that “Ask The Expert” has won the ‘Best Customer Experience’ award 2015!