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Change is the only constant

Since we first started helping people make their dreams come true, we have seen the introduction of CMS, social media management, the evolution of paid ads, video content and other such advancements. These have changed the way we do business once and for all.

Quite unsurprisingly, Amazon was one of the first major companies to adopt one of the first full-scale e-commerce business models ever. It was soon followed by eBay but Pizza Hut had already been offering hot dough online well before that.

The above historical facts did in fact set the tone and gave confidence to myriads of brick-and-mortar stores. The companies that first opened their digital doors before the dawn of the new millennium are now poised with insane growth, healthy profit margins and business models adapted to the current status quo. This last bit means that they are sustainable and adaptable.

Most Ecommerce stores used to be horrible. And we thank them for that – because these innovators paved the way for the current, blissful, way of doing things. The art and science of conversion rate optimisation and user experience, coupled with beautiful graphics, high-res photos, advanced safety features and lightning fast shopping carts all come together to form what Ecommerce is today.

Entire companies were brought to life in order to facilitate web sales for a plethora of clients – virtually in every industry and niche. But not all were created equal.

We unequivocally believe that spreading a brand’s message out there is synonymous to growth. That’s why creating beautiful web assets for our clients, that directly impact upon their bottom line by creating sales, is what makes us tick.

So, without further ado, let’s hop into the time machine:

Devstars- 2005

Cutler and Gross- 2003

Coldplay- 2003

Direct Lighting- 2003

Supergrass- 1996

UK Charts- 2006

Food Records- 2000

Beta- band-2002

MTV Ema Awards site 2000

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Posted by on 21. Dec 2015

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