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Devstars 2019 Christmas Hours & Handy Shutdown Checklist

With Christmas break on the horizon, we wanted to reach out with our Christmas Hours, as well as a few tips to ensure your office is safe until we all return in 2020

Devstars Christmas Hours 2019 will be as follows:

Christmas Eve –
9am – 12pm
Christmas Day – CLOSED
Boxing Day – CLOSED
December 27th – CLOSED
December 30th – Monitoring Tickets
New Years Eve – Monitoring Tickets
New Years Day – CLOSED
January 2nd – Business as usual

If you require any urgent assistance or similarly urgent queries outside of our Christmas Hours, you can send a support ticket via our ticketing system. Someone from our team will respond to all urgent matters as soon as possible.

We hope you all have a great time over Christmas and New Year, see you in 2020! 🙂

Best Wishes,

Your Festive Closedown Checklist


Your Website

When planning ahead for your Christmas break, it is good to ensure your website and any other online tools customers use to reach you are clear with the company Christmas hours.

  • Are your Holiday Hours and Out of Office contact details clear? Your website and Google business page are key! A newsletter paired with a social media post wouldn’t go amiss either.
  • Have you set up your designated contact email forwarder? Make sure the key people receive emails via the forwarding address by testing it!
  • Do your key staff have access to your web developer details? They should certainly know your web developer holiday hours and the course of action to follow during this time.
  • Do you have automated responses in place for incoming leads/orders outlining slower responses than usual? This will reassure clients that they aren’t just being ignored! 


Your Office Facilities

Your office space is a (usually) crucial part of your business, so make sure everything is in order before you head out for Christmas. You’ll be grateful when you return in 2020 and all you have do is get back into your daily routine.

  • Are your fire alarms and equipment all working? Test and replace batteries if you are not sure.
  • Have you emptied the fridges and cupboards of any food due to go out of date? Don’t forget your bins, or else get ready to kick off 2020 with a stinky office!
  • Do your office plants have plenty of water and light? Though, be careful not to overwater those touchy house plants!
  • Are your laptops and mobiles phones synced and up to date? Furthermore, make sure you have everything you need if you’re required to work from home during the festive break.
  • Have you turned off and/or unplugged all appliances that don’t require power with no one around? Your coffee machine will not need power, while your security systems will!
  • Does your computer server room have sufficient airflow? Ensure the room is cool, a server room being too stuffy would be the worst-case scenario with everyone out of office! 
  • Are all of your windows, doors and emergency exits closed/locked? Leaving a light on in entryways, or in areas where the public cannot easily see, suggests people are inside and will likely deter intruders. 
  • Are all office valuables hidden and locked away? Ensure all blinds with public visibility are closed!
  • Have all monitoring systems on and active? Be sure you are aware of who is around to monitor (and respond to) them during the break.
  • Do you have a trusted employee who lives near who you can give a spare key too? This would be great for if there is an emergency and they are happy to be there if required! 


Office Closure Alerts

Making sure you alert necessary people about your office closure is key, this helps to ensure nobody is inconvenienced. Be sure to alert them with plenty of time so any issues are resolved before the closure!

  • Have you informed your landlord that you are closing down the office? Giving them exact times and dates will ensure they can flag anything that seems unusual during this time.
  • Have you sent an internal email to all employees detailing when they aren’t/are in the office? Employees should be asked not to overshare on the office closure to keep the office as safe as possible!
  • Have you informed all of your clients and suppliers of your planned closure? This ensures they are able to plan their schedules better to be inline with you. If you have a cleaner, check when they will be in so you can inform your landlord of this too!
  • Have all of your employees set answering machine messages and out of office emails? These should detail the contact hours and details of the key people during the office closure.
  • Do you need office supplies for January? Ensure delivery isn’t during the closure, furthermore, be sure to reschedule any deliveries during this time!


Your Finances

Making sure your accounts are all up to date means coming back in January with a clear view on what needs to be paid, instead of an accounting mess!

  • Is your business insurance up to date? It would be good to check if the holiday period is completely covered.
  • Do your regular payments come out automatically, or will you need to set some of these up to do so? Ensure your business account has sufficient funds for salaries and bills too!
  • Do you have your employee holiday leave written down? This is so you are aware of who is/isn’t working and when. It’s also handy in terms of keeping track of annual leave usage.
  • Are you aware of invoices you need to send to clients before the festive break? The sooner you get these out the better in terms of receiving payment on time!
  • Have you also paid your supplier invoices? Make sure you have paid all needed invoices before you close up, so you are not in deficit when you return! 


We hope you find this checklist helpful, we certainly will!

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