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Einstein a go go

A fine song indeed from Landscape but not reason for us to send out a posting. We have just completed some very intense Mathematics in our JQuery to provide Plum Baby with a new ‘create your own little Einstein’ widget.

Plum Baby have a new campaign letting all the parents of the country know that their foods help build bones AND brains. After receiving some wonderful imagery from their design agency they had the idea of allowing visitors to the Plum site the chance to ‘make-over’ their own babies.

We were keen to avoid using Flash as it is steadily on the decline, we chose instead to toil over some intense JQuery, much to the harm of our development team. We are pleased to say that Plum has now launched their widget, just in time for their 6th Birthday on Tuesday.

The upload, photo manipulation and posting/ downloading had to be very robust, simple to use and available across as many platforms as possible, not simple with that much JQuery. After much hard work we are happy to have this live, please give it a go. We even managed to smarten Ben up a bit…