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How are you feeding your E-commerce store?

Feeds are not just for news; you can certainly boost your e-commerce hits and hopefully, your sales but providing feeds to the correct engines.

You are probably aware of Google offering products to buy whilst you are searching a product. The shopping results area, launched as froogle, is often used as a fast route to an e-commerce purchase.

Google uses submitted Product feeds for the Google Shopping area and, for the moment, this is a free resource managed via your Google Merchant centre. The trick is to know how to build a feed for submission.

We have built a number of feeds over the past 12 months and all of the clients have noticed a boost in sales whilst the feed is active. The feeds needs to be managed well and cannot be left to run themselves for more than 3 or 4 months as Google will often tweak the parameters. The one major change on the horizon is following the US lead where you need to have a Google ad-word account linked to merchant centre. The new model is built on Product Listing Ads. The planned extension to the US model is set to roll out in February 2013 across 10 countries including the UK and Australia. Google are offering promotional credit. Merchants who apply and create a Product Listing Ad campaign promoting all of their products in Merchant Center by 12 April 2013.

Amazon offer similar tools via their Pro Merchant Service and will charge you for having a selling account.

As important as submitting your products into the feed, is the need to be trustworthy. The simplest way to achieve this is to encourage customers to write a good review on your site. Many feeds and search engines pull in reviews to enhance their shopping results. To qualify, you will need to set up a feed or use a 3rd party to organise this for you.

https://www.ekomi.co.uk/uk/ can help but we think that £299 a month is a little pricy

http://www.powerreviews.com/ is another such tool concentrating on the social side. Prices must also be high as I need to request them via a form. They must be good though, as they have Staples, Gap and Toy’r’Us in their client list.

Devstars can of course build you your own review system as we did for Plum Baby, we can then submit this to various feeds so you hopefully look as good as you can.

If you need to advertise your products to appear within search results, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.