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Digital Transformation

How do I digitally transform my business?

Businesses need to change with the times. This being the case now more than ever.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that many businesses and some entire industries will not survive the current Covid-19 crisis. No one will escape unscathed and everyone will need to adapt in their own way.

We’ve also had to adapt in our own personal lives, but thank heavens for technology. Can you imagine what life would be like now with no internet access, social networks or video conferencing?

There have been steep learning curves for some. Providing remote IT support to isolating parents and grandparents takes a special type of patience but the rewards are priceless.

This isn’t a time for looking back it’s for re-imagining the future

At Devstars, our natural environment is remote working. With offices in London, Minsk, Toronto & Buenos Aires, we often spend more time video conferencing and screen sharing live and asynchronous with team members than talking to those sitting next to us.

Utilising cloud systems with shared documents and online organisational tools such as GSuite, Slack and Trello have allowed us to create a team of experts that would not have otherwise been able to travel to a traditional bricks-and-mortar office.

Our approach with clients has always been to understand their business needs, market sector and customers. Helping them utilise technology to attain the best possible results.

Social distancing, travel limitations and financial uncertainty impact every industry in different ways; and whilst not a panacea, the right technology can provide many solutions.

Our goal is to use our experience to help clients choose the right solutions for their target market and budget.

How we’ve helped digitally transform our clients’ businesses

In the past, we helped G4S move from a PDF-based monthly publication to a digital research tool, with bespoke automated email alerts for their Global Intelligence System.

We helped Heathrow digitise their queue timing and data collection, increasing efficiency and reducing queue times during the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games with a system that is still being used today.

Heathrow Queue Time Management App

We are currently working with a government client, helping them migrate from an ageing spreadsheet-based setup to a fully searchable system, utilising graph databases to help manage research findings on VR/AR training.

Startups need assistance with implementing technology in exciting new ways, so we’re working closely with Sort Your Future to build well-conceived UX interfaces that utilise complex logic to inspire school children regarding possible future career paths.

Sort Your Future Careers Guidance Website & App

Lastly, and most recently, we’ve been advising restaurant owners to adapt and diversify. Transitioning to pickup and delivery services, using fast turnaround solutions such as Shopify stores.

How can we help you digitally transform your business?

Our development toolkit covers a wide range of technologies, from off-the-shelf platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify through to full bespoke builds. This is supported by hands-on experience, integrating with platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Netsuite and all the major social channels.

Whilst we can not take on every project, we will always consider any proposal that inspires and interests us.

Hopefully, we can help digitally transform your business. Please get in touch if you think we can be of service.

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