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How to grab a Mobile Consumer

How To Grab A Mobile Consumer

Next time you find yourself on the bus or train, perhaps during your commute or leisure time, look around and observe one of the most important developments of the modern age: mobile internet.

People exist every day with their device bound to their palms as though possessed, with fingers scrolling through emails, websites and documents. Absorbing a myriad of online data.

We live through our phones. Communicating, purchasing, browsing and posting. We expect every result and page to come to us in an instant.

While it’s all very well to sit and observe, it’s all the more important to understand the business advantages to be gained.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of those scrolling fingers and grab a mobile consumer for your website:

The Times They Are a-Changin’

First and foremost, if you haven’t already done so, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly in that it’s geared up for use on a tablet or smartphone.

You’ll need an RWD (responsive web design) which is elegant, compact and simple to navigate. Scrolling is allowed, but not too much content that requires the ‘pinch-to-zoom’ interaction.

Life In The Fast Lane

You must ensure that your website is up to speed and fast to navigate. These days, people expect pages to load within two seconds before the service is considered slow and they leave for a competitors website.

Big Love

Ensure that buttons & links are large and easy to click and that images are big enough to bring clarity to your content. The more time that the customer spends pinching and zooming into different product images the less likely they are to convert to a sale.

Both Amazon and eBay are championing larger buttons and simple user journeys as seen here:


Get On With It

Try to keep form-filling to a minimum for mobile devices. Customers want quick transactions that they can speed through, enabling them to get on with their day.

If customers find themselves faffing for aeons entering masses of personal info on tiny keyboards, they’ll become irritated, lose interest and kaput goes your sale.

Hello, I Love You…

Okay, maybe ask for a name, but reign in your craving for data and resist asking your mobile customers for registration. No one wants to miss their bus stop because they were too busy creating an account when all they wanted to do was buy a jumper.

Ask for minimal details – If they appreciate your service they may sign up on their own accord when they have more time.

White Room

This goes without saying, but keep your responsive design stylish, spacey and uncluttered. Not only will your website look a lot better but your customers will thank you for the simplicity too.


Boldly Go Forth

Unsurprisingly, mobile customers are easily distracted by their outside world, so using captivating colours, pictures and stylish fonts will hold their attention. Even whilst that woman falls over the curbside opposite.

Is It This You’re Looking For?

Everyone loves an easy access search bar that actually works, especially when time is limited. Provide your customers with a prominent search bar where they can find exactly what they need with minimum effort on their part.

If You’re Gonna Do It – Do It Right

Devstars have helped a number of forward-thinking businesses become mobile-ready, using techniques which enable customers to see the most relevant content regardless of browser size.

Creative Director Martina Langer‘s site was designed with a deservedly chic, stylised look which is completely mobile-friendly, perfect for those viewing on a tablet.

Simple features such as the drop-down menu made the difference for mobile users, providing a speedy and convenient experience.

Are you looking to have a new e-commerce store built for your brand or business? Let us know right here and we’ll help you target the mobile consumer.

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