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How to Make an Efficient Homepage

How to Make an Efficient Homepage

All things should be considered when creating a web page which you plan to monetize. There are elements that every homepage requires and elements that should be left to the subpages of your website.

However, there are some homepage features that are controversial hence why many businesses avoid them (you’ll learn more about that later in this post).

Things like user experience, funnel optimization techniques, the respective niche as well as the urgency of the problem that our offerings are trying to solve, should all be taken into account.

In this article, we will teach you about all of these categories and what you can do to avoid losing out on the attention of your audience before they even get to know about you and your brand.

The Purpose of Having an Efficient Homepage

The homepage is normally your site’s main landing page. Here your visitor will receive first impressions of your goods and services and whether or not they want to stick around or make a purchase. This is the perfect place to present all of the goodies that you have in a neat and organized manner.

The homepage is like putting a display together for your customers and letting them know who you are and why you are there.

The Ruling on Product Placement on Homepages

The likelihood of clients purchasing a product will not increase because the product and its price tag were placed on the homepage.

Think of it as a product pusher following you around holding out their hand waiting to take your dollars with no incentive, no introduction, no formal salutation, just wanting the money. This is what it feels like to go to a homepage to be slammed with the pressure of purchasing goods. What we most like to relate this to, is a desperate man falling down on his knee and asking the lady to marry him on the very first date.

Homepages should not be used as an immediate sales page— this generally goes for businesses who are not well established in the retail industry.

Sure if you were a Nordstrom or Amazon you could sell things on your homepage but your business is certainly not of that magnitude, yet at least.

The last thing you want to do is hammer prospective buyers with sales pitches and an extensive compilation of products and goods available for purchase.

Creating a Successful Homepage

Like other page elements, there are things that are necessary for a homepage to work in your favour. We want to take a moment to briefly chat about these before proceeding. When creating a homepage you want to keep these three simple things in mind:

  • Some kind of search tool.
  • An easy to find navigation bar and/or menu.
  • Tiles to clearly display your content.

These elements are absolutely necessary for creating a successful page. This is how your viewers will navigate your site and see if you have anything worth their while.

These three things are also the building blocks of a successful homepage and there is literally no way that your website can be even moderately helpful if you lack any of the aforementioned things.

The Truth about Homepages

The fact of the matter is that we don’t know what exactly people want or need. You know you have a webpage and if you are a vendor, you know you have products and goods that you would like to sell.

Some people believe that putting products on the front page of your website is great, however, others feel like it is intrusive.

We find that when the website or brand is new, they don’t do well from attempting to sell products on the front page whereas Amazon or Nike can get away with doing so.

The name of the game is trust and we better play by the rules.

If you are looking to have a new website designed and built for your brand or business and would like our input, get in touch here and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.

Image sourced from greentornado.co.uk

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