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Fab has switched from a social network for gay men to the online destination for 4.5 million design fanatics. In just 11 months, they’ve sold over 1 million products — 2.6 per minute.

The design is first class, the buyers on-trend (sic) and the offers limited.  It goes to prove that your basics should be correct and that email notifications are still the best way to drive e-commerce sales.

Your site should look good with BIG buttons for the all-important mobile consumer. The style should be very clean with large images PLUS you need to buy wisely.

Wired interviewed the CCO, Bradford Shellhammer, and he had some very wise words indeed:-

DO: Design Well “There has to be something interesting in style, colour, or an irreverent nature. We ask is there something good about the form or function?”

DO: Tell Stories “It could be a teacup or a woven blanket; the sky is the limit to what we can sell on Fab as long as there is a story behind it.”

DON’T: Steal Designs “Knockoffs exist in every category on Fab and we won’t carry them. The main reason people buy on Fab is that they’re buying stuff they love, not stuff that’s cheap. We try to find stuff they haven’t seen before.”

DON’T: Sell Old Merchandise “We’re a primary sales channel, not a place you can unload crap you couldn’t sell.” We recommend, sign up now! (Sign up for the US site to see all the bells and whistles)

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