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Making The Most of Facebook Business Tabs

Facebook is a behemoth of social media. Having been on the scene for over ten years now, the network has firmly established itself as a major digital marketing platform for businesses big and small. But when it comes to Facebook Pages, how many businesses can claim to be making the most of the tabs feature? We explore further.
What are Facebook tabs, and why are they important?

Every Facebook page is created with a basic set of tabs – ‘Timeline’, ‘About’ and ‘Photos’, for example – which appear beneath the cover image. These tabs are used much like the navigation of a website, allowing users to browse Facebook pages and access information with ease.
These tabs are far from static, however. They can be reorganised depending on importance, hidden from view or even custom-created from scratch. When a page has four or more tabs, the extras appear under a ‘More’ dropdown, allowing businesses a great deal of scope for creating new areas of content and functionality. But why would a business spend time and effort on these page tabs? Why are they important, and how can you make the most of them?

Page tabs allow you enhance user experience on Facebook, much like you would on your website. By tailoring the experience to your brand identity, your business can join-up the dots between your main site and customisable social profiles including Facebook.

Facebook page tabs can be used for many reasons. They:
● Showcase custom content
● Gather data and insights
● Promote specific campaigns
● Allow businesses to control what users can or cannot see

For example, pop singer Taylor Swift has a specific tab on her Facebook page to promote her range of fragrances, including a quiz to discover your own ‘fragrance personality’. And, during their stint in the World Cup, the England Rugby team used their ‘Carry Them Home’ tab to boost support by creating custom profile pictures for fans, featuring the English rose.

How to make the most of Facebook tabs
Facebook tabs should be integrated with your digital marketing strategy for a specific goal or purpose. Whether you want to boost mailing list subscribers or promote a new competition, custom tabs can provide a functional, useable channel for engaging your audience and generating sales.

Most custom tabs work by pulling in secure content via an iframe, which spells endless possibilities for businesses to create compelling content including video, quizzes and surveys. The more engaging, interactive and relevant your custom Facebook tabs are, the more likely your Facebook page following will grow as a result. Alongside custom tabs, Facebook has recently introduced seven call to action buttons for business pages, including ‘Book Now’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Shop Now’. These practical, action-driven buttons are visible no matter which tab your users are browsing, ensuring that business objectives can be met during any point of Facebook interaction.

What next for your Facebook page?
To explore the potential of Facebook tabs for your business, there is no substitute for browsing the network itself and gaining inspiration from your favourite brands, industry competitors or even sports teams. By combining Facebook’s functionality with your own digital strategy and technical expertise, Facebook pages can certainly prove an indispensable and innovative online channel.