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Moving our Development team

Date: 03/03/2022

Miles Gripton

Devstars have had quite a week with our development team and have had to move personnel to mitigate the awful effects of the Ukrainian invasion. For a while we have been planning moves that counter the problems facing the people of Belarus. We now have two authoritarian leaders to manage and a war. To start with, we have set up a new office in Lithuania and are supporting the team and their families during this big change.

Stuart and I would personally like to thank our developers for doing all of these moves whilst still delivering top level code. We only had a delay of one day, whilst delivering a large code rollout this week, which is nothing short of miraculous.  We would also like to thank the wonderful people of #Poland who helped one of our dev team, across the border from Ukraine.

Our Polish team have chosen the Charity PAH who are helping with the huge numbers of refugees coming across the borders. Devstars are grateful for all the help they have already shown our developer stuck in the Ukraine

We will also be making a donation the Medicins Sans Frontiers who are mobilising medical treatment to the areas.  If you feel like donating some more, please do!

We all hope for peace as soon as possible so everyone can help start the rebuilding process.

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