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New EU Cookie Law

New EU Browser Cookie Law is this month

From Thursday, 26 May 2011, a new EU browser cookie law states that; any company which tracks information about online users has to obtain consent from visitors to their website in order to do so. Businesses in the UK were given a year’s grace to become compliant, but time is almost up.

Although we believe that the law will only be used to bring to task the websites found to be misusing cookies, we do feel there are some steps you should take to be seen to comply with the law.

  • First Step – Have an updated Privacy Policy in place which includes a declaration on cookie usage within your site. To complete this you will need to list the cookies used throughout your site. We can help you update your policy to include the necessary changes.
  • Second Step – If your site uses cookies to help the user navigate or stop the same page/offer appearing twice, then you should add some automatic notification.

    Devstars have written a simple patch that will ask the new user to help keep your site the way it is by approving cookies. If the user decides to decline then we will have some fallbacks in place to display a site without using cookies. They will possibly see some areas more than once, or not be offered the most relevant content, but that would have been explained to them in the pop-up.

  • Third Step – Communicate with your current customers. If you have an existing newsletter, Facebook or Twitter account, you could request some help keeping the site just the way they like it. A simple landing page will ask the user to check a box, acknowledging the use of cookies. If you use our Campaign Monitor system, then the request can be entered directly into the user’s preference centre, negating the need for a bespoke landing page. In this way, you have completed all your obligations to new and existing customers

How Devstars can help

  1. Update existing Privacy Policy – 1.5 hours
  2. Create a new Privacy Policy – 3 hours
  3. Add automatic pop up to homepage and create if/then statements for use of cookies in site – 8 hours
  4. Set up newsletter with landing page – 6 hours
  5. Set up newsletter and preference centre in Campaign monitor – 2 hours

For around 2 days of work, we can have you fully compliant with the new laws, or for around 2 or 3 hours work we can get you started!

I hope you have found this information useful, please click here to get started






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