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Opt-out of Google Analytics Browser Extension

We use Google Analytics on almost every website we build, manage or host. It’s a great tool, recording insightful data which we can use to help improve the way your website functions.

The downside of using this tool is that Google also records your own browsing activity throughout your own website too, resulting with skewed data.

You will be glad to know that there are actions you can take to prevent your own browsing activity having a negative impact upon your Analytics data.

How to Opt-out of Google Analytics

Excluding your IP address is a great way to prevent Google from tracking your own site visits, but IP’s can sometimes be dynamic, possibly changing daily!

However, Google just released a browser extension for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera which prevents your browser from sending data to their Analytics service.

We do not yet know the motivation or reasons behind this action, but it does means that you can browse your own site without skewing the data. You can also browse the competition without them tracking you, which may please those that are particularly security conscious and value their own privacy.

If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics, install the extension located here.

For more tips on how to optimise your Google Analytics data, read our article on how to remove language spam.

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