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Paul wins .net Young Developer of the Year 2011

.net Young Developer of the Year 2011

We’d all like to offer our congratulations to our superstar team member Paul Davis on winning his first .net Young Developer of the Year Award at last nights ceremony.

Paul’s passion and excitement for what he does is key to his success and an inspiration to us all. On a day that the UK government announce 1 billion in support of youth employment, he sets a shining example of how you can go out (or stay in) and learn a trade.

Paul didn’t need to spend 3 years at Uni, he absorbs information wherever he is, his alma mater write books and lecture on technology and they are usually only a tweet away (almost 12,000 tweets!!!).

Paul, it’s an honour and a privilege to have you on the team, we all hope your head doesn’t hurt too much this morning!

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