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Pimp my blog (or how to get noticed in social networking)

how to get noticed in social networking

Do you feel that your website is not quite as dynamic as you would like it to be? Maybe you have noticed everyone adding a ‘like’ button to every article on their site and would like the same feature. If you have then you are definitely not alone.

It’s time to get noticed in social networking & blogging

What you really need is some way to achieve a more socially orientated site and have your content easily readable and shared by all.

One of the more recent methods for updating your website has been through the use of a blog. A blog is no longer just a tool just for people with issues to get off their chests. It is having a quiet resurgence as a data feed tool, allowing companies to post news and articles about their products and services.

Articles, offers and news can all be added to your site one minute and make themselves instantly available to a variety of twitter accounts, Facebook pages and RSS readers the next.

We can help you join the blogging scene

If you have a good looking website without a WordPress blog, we can add one for £750. With this new tool, you will be able to announce your news, offers, new products and service improvements.

If you are already equipped with a blog but need to set up your Feedburner and Twitter accounts, we can do this for £250. We would need to gather all your details and logins for your social networks to complete the installation.

We also offer more complex integrations, whereby you would allow customers the ability to follow individual areas of your site and have them link to specific pages. Allowing customers to choose precisely which articles or types of products they follow can greatly improve the quality of your social feed.

If you would like to get started please get in touch here. We’re always happy to help where we can.

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