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Pimp my blog (or how to get noticed in social networking)

If you feel that your site is not quite as dynamic as you would like, maybe you have noticed everyone desperately adding a ‘like’ button to every article on their site. If you have then you are definitely not alone. What you really need is some way to achieve a more socially orientated site and have your content easily readable and shared by all. One of the more recent methods for updating your website has been via a blog. A blog is no longer a tool just for people with issues to get off their chests but it is having a quiet resurgence as a data feed tool.

Articles, offers and news can all be added to your site but make themselves instantly available to a variety of twitter accounts, facebook pages and RSS readers.

We at Devstars are offering a variety of packages to get you up to speed and have you join the social scene.

If you have a good looking site without a wordpress blog we can add a simple integrated WP section for £750. From this page you will be able to announce your news, offers and new products and services. If you are already equipped with the Blog but need to set up your feedburner and twitterfeed accounts then we can do this for £250. We would need to gather all your details and log ins for your social networks to complete the installation.

We can offer more complex integration where by you would like customers to be able to follow individual areas within your site and have then link to specific people or pages. Allowing customers to choose precisely what articles or types of products they can follow can really improve the quality of your social feed.

If you would like to get started please drop me a line to [email protected] or call 0207 183 2578