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Cementing long term business relationships with Dmitry in Val Gardena, northern Italy

Cementing long term business relationships

Although Devstars is thriving as a hub-based business, there are only so many months or years that you remain connected with team members and key talents within the organisation.

Video conferencing and collaborative platforms are fantastic for all modern agencies working in digital design, but sometimes it is vital to say ‘hi’ face to face in order to cement long term business relationships.

It had been about one year since Stuart or Miles visited Dmitry in our Belarusian office and it was time for another meeting for strategic planning. The last time all three of them sat around a table was Vilnius back in November 2012.

The venue for this meeting was lucky for Stuart and Miles in Val Gardena, northern Italy.

Over the course of two action-packed days, new ideas, better systems and future plans were confirmed. Naturally, there was some skiing to be done as well.

It is good to talk, but it is vital to see each other. Maybe without such a big gap next time!



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