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Revealed! the top 300 companies using social media

Revealed! the top 300 companies using social media

Internetretailer.com has recently released a groundbreaking study revealing the top 300 US companies using social media, which contains some very valuable insights.

A key metric followed by Internet Retailer was the percentage of website traffic that retailers receive from social networks. Measuring how effective the merchants are at using social media and social commerce.

The leaders of the pack include Petflow.com at number one, followed Fab.com and Coastal Contacts in second and third positions respectively. Of the three, Fab is probably the most widely regarded within social commerce.

The percentage of total website traffic coming from social media varies widely between the top three. PetFlow.com brings in 30%, “mostly as a result of a laser-like focus on building and maintaining a loyal Facebook fan base and regular posts that speak to their followers’ inner pet lover,” said the guide, while Fab.com achieved 25%.

Additionally, the guide revealed that Fab.com received up to one-third of its sales – $50 million – from social media. According to Fab.com founder and CEO Jason Goldberg, it is more than just registering customers against sales. “We’re really trying to build customers for a lifetime, and social is a way for us to do that.”

Here is a list of metrics covered in the report

  1. Ranking of online retailers by the percentage of 2012 traffic derived from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  2. 2012 social commerce sales figures.
  3. Average conversion rates and order values for visits from social networks.
  4. Data on visits to e-commerce websites that directly stem from the major social networks.
  5. Breakdown of e-retailers’ presence on the major social networks. Including counts of Facebook fans, Twitter and Pinterest followers and YouTube video views.
  6. An engagement analysis of merchants’ fans and followers—i.e., how often consumers respond to, by sharing and taking action on, the content e-retailers push to social networks.
  7. A total breakdown of merchants’ on-site social features and functions.
  8. A comprehensive vendor section that profiles the leading social consultants, platform providers, app developers, analytics and other social networking and marketing providers.
  9. How-to articles from social platform and analytics providers, as well as consultants and other social commerce technology companies.
  10. An overview article that surveys the differences in e-retailers’ strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks.
  11. In-depth interviews and analysis of what social commerce sales figures mean to online retailers.

If you are serious about the state of your Social Commerce, we would suggest you have a read!

The top 300 companies using social media

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