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‘Share This’ but make it good.

Sharing is for scale, not virality

As new studies from Share This show, sharing is now accounting for 10% of all internet traffic. It’s big but then that is no surprise.

The graphic below shows that the vast majority of sharing is done via Facebook, again, no surprises there either. BUT with only 4.9 clicks per shared link, it is not as viral as you may have thought.

Links are less likely to be clicked outside of the users’ immediate network of friends, so we need to think about targeting larger groups of people.

80% of people only share one category of content (business, politics, entertainment, etc). This suggests that people are influential on a limited number of topics which tend to only be important to themselves.

The motivation needed to push your customers to click the share button is down to the content you provide them with. Some great suggestions from Dan Bosomworth @SmartInsights are below”

It’s not about the tools

Although tools like ShareThis, AddThis and the big enterprise software Gigya are all extremely important for success, so make sure they’re contained on web pages and emails and then focus on content.

The content has to be great

There is no such thing as a “great viral”.

Viral is the effect of brilliant content

Entertaining, valuable, insightful or newsworthy.

Solve problems

Buyers (B2C and B2B) are doing more research than ever online, so recognise their needs over your need to ‘go viral’. Help them make decisions relating to your product.


We all enjoy a laugh now and then. Think about inspiring, educating and entertaining where you can.

Our favourite blog is BikeSnobNYC. There’s not much to do with cycling, but it’s funny and if the writer told me to put my hand in the fire, I would probably give it a go!

For more tip on how to create great content, why not take a look at our article 5 ways to write an attention-grabbing headline.

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