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Stuart's trip to Minsk

Stuart’s trip to Minsk

Just got back from 4 days visiting our Minsk team. Most of my trips to visit the team in the past have taken place over the winter months, so it was a nice change to visit a very sunny Belarus and have a chance to explore the city of Minsk and surrounding areas as well as visiting our office and spending time with the team.

To keep interruption to ongoing projects down to a minimum I headed out on a Friday afternoon and had a chance to spend most of Saturday catching up with business partner Dmitry while cycling around Minsk’s beautiful river and lakes.

Sunday started with a trip to the Minsk Velodrome where I introduced Dmitry to the joys of banked track cycling, while the Belorussian national sprint team cooled down from their earlier session. Earlier in the year, we had taken some clients to the London Olympic Velodrome, so it was a privilege to experience another world-class track in the same year.

On Monday we spent the day in the office meeting some new faces and working face-to-face on projects for SlimFast and Saliena before heading out to a traditional Belorussian restaurant and some beers with the team.

On Tuesday we drove north through the countryside, crossing the border on a small forestry road where the border guards spent an unnerving amount of time checking my passport, visas, reasons for being in the country, etc, before finally allowing us to exit. I guess they are not that used to seeing Brits fleeing the country via this route.

A HUGE thanks to my fantastic business partner Dmitry, his family and team for making it a great trip. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

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