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Top 10 SEO tips

Top 10 SEO tips

Welcome to Aprils’ Top 10 SEO tips, so pay attention at the back!

  1. Know your keywords. Try to get into your potential customers head and figure out what words they would ideally put into Google (or any other search engine) to find you.
  2. Make sure these words and phrases feature in titles, headings and body copy on your web site.
  3. Try to get relevant inbound links.  This allows the search engine to see how authoritative your site is in your chosen field.  So if you are a design agency, getting links from design directories will do you more good than a cheesecake directory (unless you’re a cheesecake designer, in which case we are willing to do taste tests…).
  4. Research your competitors’ inbound links on Google by searching “link: www.compeitorsurl.com”.  Then make sure you are on as many of the same directories and sites as your competitors are. As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it.
  5. Make sure your chosen keywords are used in the alt tags of inbound links and images on your own site.
  6. Don’t spam your site by repeating the keywords, your search positions will be downgraded.
  7. Avoid hiding relevant content behind splash pages, image maps, clever JavaScript gizmos etc.
  8. Menus and navigation are always going to work better than using images or Flash
  9. Use (or make sure your developer uses) Google’s webmaster tools. It’s great for troubleshooting and helps ensure your site is Google friendly.
  10. Keep an eye on the stats, Analytics especially.

We always build our websites to be as Search Engine-friendly as possible, but we encourage our clients to get actively involved in understanding how things work regarding keywords and inbound links.

Generally, we tend to think our clients know their markets best, and given the correct tools, are able to obtain great results with their organic search engine marketing strategy.

That said you can always give us a shout if you need some help.

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