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moving email provider

Will moving email provider be good for your business?

For as long as we have been building websites, we have also been managing email solutions to help our clients stay connected to their customer.

We have recently been re-evaluating our choice of email providers to see if they still offer our clients the best and most secure way to manage their email accounts.

Moving email provider is all about security and reliability

Over the years, email management has become a specialised web discipline, mainly due to the increase in spam email.

Spam email requires more sophisticated systems to cope with the high levels of security risk. This is the key reason to use a third-party fully-managed email service.

Service providers will work hard to maintain the integrity of their mail servers and establish trust across the Internet. This results in an increase in the number of emails that are successfully delivered.

With a self-hosted solution, you’ll be relying on your own mail server (or the mail server of your web host) which could, if you’re unfortunate, get blacklisted for spamming. Or in many cases have its outgoing emails delayed or rejected.

These problems can occur with a third-party provider but they usually have a team of people constantly at hand to help resolve such issues.

Which email provider should you choose?

We believe that our clients should use the most secure and robust email service available. And so, after much discussion and research, we recently made the announcement to stop using the Hostgator service.

With this in mind, we are suggesting that our clients migrate to a more robust email provider, such as one of the following alternatives:


We have been using the Google Apps suite, including Gmail, for the past 2 years and have never looked back.

The speed of Googles’ search function is head and shoulders above Outlook. Enabling the user to find the correct email they are looking for quickly and reliably.

Employees can also collaborate easier using Google Apps (now G Suite), with a calendar, document creator and file storage facility. All of which enables the sharing of ideas in real-time.

More details regarding G Suite can be found here.

If you would like assistance migrating to G Suite with Gmail, we charge a nominal fee of £250.

This fee includes the domain setup, creation of up to 10 users and 3 workgroups, plus 30 minutes of phone training. We will require access to your DNS to help us with these tasks.

Outlook 365

Another option for those that feel more comfortable using the Microsoft Office suite of applications and require business-class email is Outlook 365.

This service includes some enticing extras, such as website building applications, web conferencing and document sharing, with no IT skills needed to manage it all. Ideal for all businesses


Google reads and works with the various Microsoft formats, but there are slight differences and functions, so do your research before you choose which provider to use.

Move to a fully-managed email service

If you are in need a more reliable and secure service and think you need to move away from your current email provider, please contact us here and we will help where we can.

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