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Case Study

Peach Properties: Bespoke WordPress Property Website

For several years, Peach Properties had been utilising Jupix, an off-the-shelf property management tool. While the system boasted robust features, the front-end of their website lacked personality and design flair.

Estate Agent Website Redesign and Development

Recognising the need for a fresh and vibrant website design that aligned with their new branding, Peach Properties sought to create an online platform that truly showcased the quality of their services and effectively targeted their customers.

In pursuit of their objectives, Peach Properties collaborated with Devstars, enlisting their expertise to achieve their vision for the website.

The Challenge

The main challenge for us was to successfully integrate our website with the Jupix system.

The team at Peach Properties uses Jupix to create property profiles, which include images, floorplans, maps, key features, & detailed descriptions. These items are assigned special codes that are included within a data feed. This feed would need to be dissected by our website and used to display property information to the user in an attractive way.

The new website would need to be fast-loading and easy to navigate, making it easy for users to submit enquiries.

The Result

Bespoke WordPress Website Design with Jupix Integration

Our team of skilled web developers embarked on creating a customized and lightweight WordPress theme for the front-end of the website.

To seamlessly integrate Jupix data, the new site was designed to cache the data feed and automatically update property listings at regular intervals.

The focus on a clean and minimalistic design significantly reduced the amount of code needed, resulting in a website that loads swiftly, particularly on mobile devices, which account for the majority of visits.

Various forms were strategically placed to capture customer enquiries, while Google Analytics was employed to track site usage and gain valuable insights.

As a result of our efforts, the client now boasts a professional-looking property website that is effortlessly updatable and beautifully presents properties using impactful, large images.

To ensure optimal performance, security, and environmental consciousness, our hosting partners at Kinsta manage the website’s hosting.

If you’re an Estate Agent seeking a new web design agency to collaborate with, we invite you to get in touch with us. We’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements and explore potential partnerships.

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“Our experience of working with
Devstars has been hugely positive.”

Simon Malster – Founder

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