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Case Study

Shine Talent

How do you keep an eye on a rapidly expanding agency in one of the fastest growing industries? In November 2015, Shine Influencers was born, built to serve as a resource for brands and marketing/PR agencies with one-on-one talent management and campaign strategy consulting.

Devstars were asked to help move the company’s many collaborative tools to one, online web application, capable of keeping all parts of the company focused on every campaign as they went live.


The Challenge

Devstars were asked to help convert the agency’s many collaborative tools into one web application, allowing all the staff to run campaigns at speed, without losing information.  We were also asked to connect the app to their QuickBooks accounting software

The Talent Managers need to keep their clients up to date with any new work and make sure each new round was posted on time.

The Result

We created the two new companies, one for each country and imported all the legacy data to the platform, allowing the team to continue working on campaigns with minimal disruption.

All user types have their own custom view of the data to help each department with their day to day work.

The connectivity to QuickBooks is quite extensive and has allowed the finance team to keep live records of all transactions in the app.

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