Devstars Christmas Hours and handy shutdown checklist

A few helpful tips


With Christmas on the horizon here are our Christmas hours and a few tips to ensure your office is safe over the holidays before we all return in the New Year 🙂

We are CLOSED from December 25th to January 2nd 2017 inclusive

If you need any urgent assistance or have any similar queries over the Christmas period you can send a support ticket through and we shall reply to all matters of urgency as soon as possible.

We hope you have a great time over Christmas and the New Year, see you all in 2017


Your Festive Close down check-list


  1. Check your Site
  • Out of Hours contact details are clear
  • Designated contact email forwarding is set up
  • Web developer contact details are available to key staff
  • Web developer support days are noted
  • Any incoming orders or leads have an automated message, clearly outlining any slower than usual response times


  1. Check your Office facilities.
  • Test alarms (replace batteries) and fire equipment
  • Consider evening lights on a timer to suggest people are inside
  • Check fridge, pantry and desk drawers for perishable leftovers
  • Throw the rubbish out
  • Ensure plants have enough water and lighting
  • Back up computers and mobile phones
  • Ensure “find my phone” is working
  • Unplug all equipment and appliances
  • Turn off aircon, lighting, computers and fans
  • Ensure computers servers have sufficient airflow
  • Make sure all windows are shut and locked
  • Secure and lock all valuable assets of the company
  • Ensure that all monitoring facilities such as CCTVs are active and someone is monitoring them real-time
  • Know who will be the last person in the office -to ensure none is trapped inside and know they are responsible for closure
  • Turn on alarms
  • Give a spare key to a trusted employee who lives nearby for any emergency
  • If you are have shared parking and lifts, ensure that all tenants have a coordinated plan for the office closure


  1. Coordinate with everyone about the holiday closure.
  • Let your landlord that you will be closing down for the holiday – exact dates and time
  • Advise your staff not to disclose to everyone your office is empty for the holidays
  • Cancel or reschedule any possible deliveries or services i.e. newspapers, postcards, packages, suppliers)
  • Advise any business-related deliveries or clients about the close down dates
  • Advise the office cleaner of closure dates, and organise a thorough clean when office is empty
  • Set your answer machine message with emergency contact message
  • Set your email “out of office” autoreply
  • Order supplies needed in January and ensure delivery isn’t during the closure period


  1. Finances, leave and pay
  • Check you insurance is up to date and covers the holiday period
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds in your business account to cover any regular payments for
  • Salaries and other bills
  • Clarify with staff their exact leave dates
  • Send out your invoices to clients
  • Pay your supplier invoices