Devstars FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
We’re a highly skilled team of web developers who have been building websites since 1995. Our core management has worked together for over 10 years

How big is your full-time team?
8 full-time staff but we also have a team of very trusted specialists that we pull in as and when is needed.

How many offices do you have?
We have a central office in the London UK, A development office in Minsk and a satellite office in Toronto

How will you charge to maintain the websites on an ongoing basis?
We can offer either monthly support contracts or pre-quote and charge £520/day £65/hour for ongoing work.

How much will my site cost
Costs depend on a number of things with the number of unique page templates playing a large part in this. Other factors include if the site is developed bespoke or using an off the shelf content management system.

In most cases even if a bespoke content management system (such as WordPress) is used then we will also need to develop bespoke plugins or configure systems.

With each job, we start with a detailed specification so we can understand your business needs and provide the best solution to fit your requirements and your budget.

How will you undertake design enhancements? Are your designers inhouse? How will you price for a new front end?
We have design resources inhouse but we don’t limit ourselves to using just one designer.

Our portfolio is the best way of judging if you think we will be right for your project. As you will see from to and we use the designer that fits the project.

Do you have experience in multiple language websites?
We have produced many bespoke and off the shelf multilingual websites including the launch of the 1goal campaign at the South African World Cup. We can also help to manage the translation process.

What hours do you have for support?
Having three offices across separate time-zones enables Devstars to operate a 12 hour day, with the ability to commence any emergency work within a 12-hour window.

The UK office is manned from 8 till 6 during weekdays.

For the last 5 years we have built and managed immigration queue timing at Heathrow Airport and for this, we offer 24/7 telephone support. The system has had less than 2 hours downtime in 5 years. There is a review from our client in our Google reviews.

We also have a ticketing system in place which can be used at any time.

How do you handle delays in projects?
In our experience delays come from a project not being completely understood. We combat this by spending more time at the outset to understand the business needs and agreeing on detailed wireframes and technical specification.

Do you have escalation procedures in place for customer complaints?
Each client will have one senior project manager for all communication regarding the site. If a problem arises that cannot be solved by the PM, a director will be brought in to mediate and problem-solve the issue until it is fully resolved.

Do you have SLAs?
Yes. We can adapt existing SLA’s to your needs. You can also read our general terms on the website here.