Devstars Minsk Office

Since 2004

Devstars Minsk has been in operation since 2004. Our Technical Director and partner, Dmitry Romanovsky, runs the team consisting of highly trained front-end, back-end and middleware developers.

The office specialises in bespoke solutions for web, apps and e-commerce. All of our mission-critical systems, such as those used to manage passenger flow through Heathrow and Newark airports, are run by this team.

They also are masters of optimisation, including work on popular music artist websites (McFly, Taylor Swift), allowing for high volume traffic spikes during busy times, using fewer server resources.

Belarus has a strong tradition in tech education dating back to the Soviet era. Generating a local tech talent pool that led Reuters to question if Belarus is the new Silicon Valley.

Both offices in London and Minsk are in daily contact over Skype and email, using collaborative tools such as Smartsheets, Google Docs and Trello.

Having a branch of Devstars in Minsk has allowed us to develop better ways of working and communicating over great distances. These same skills have also benefited our clients.

Get in touch if you would like to work with this fantastic team.