Hadid Caviar WooCommerce Site

E-commerce & Concierge Website for Luxury Caviar Brand

E-Commerce | Multilingual | Web Development | WordPress

Along with our partner The Brand Bureau, we've created a new WooCommerce website for Mohamed Hadid. Creator of the Hadid Caviar brand

Combining WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce to deliver a truly borderless ec-mmerce solution.

The Hadid Caviar website helps launch an exclusive range of the worlds finest caviars, along with a very unique concierge service, providing access to luxury dining experiences as well as premium quality seafood delivered directly to your door for special occasions and events.

WordPress Multisite Experts

The website utilises WordPress Multisite, allowing us to deliver an e-commerce platform with separate warehousing and fulfilment for the Americas and the Rest of the World.

At Devstars we have a wealth of experience using WordPress Multisite. We use this platform to deploy alternative site content to different territories whilst sharing the same WordPress core and theme.

The site uses Googles’ realtime translation technology to deliver a multilingual experience with Arabic, Chinese and Russian along with a host of other European languages.

Bespoke WordPress Theme

Our bespoke WordPress theme is fast-loading and safe from code exploits. Delivering a secure and fully-featured sales tool for the client as a result.

Attention to detail with plug-in integration means that 3rd-party functionality such as Google’s Multilingual plug-in feels seamless.

High-Performance WordPress Hosting

We used Kinsta’s fully managed WordPress Hosting to provide a stable scalable platform. This allows for large spikes in traffic numbers.

Between Mohamed and his daughters Gigi & Bella, they have a social media reach of around 100 million followers. So you see, the Hadid Caviar website had to be ready for quite a bit of interest!

Kinsta is built on Google’s Cloud Platform. It’s blisteringly fast and provides excellent security.

Expert WordPress Developers

If you are looking to find a digital agency that can provide you with access to a team of expert WordPress developers, then look no further!

We are used to integrating a wide range of plug-ins (including WooCommerce for e-Commerce functionality), data management tools, logistics system and payment gateways.

Feel free to drop us a line here. We’re always happy to discuss potential new projects.