Wordpress site with Netsuite Integration

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Supporting a pioneer in children’s bicycles through a long period of change, whilst negotiating a pandemic.

How we work with Islabikes. The leading children's bike brand.

Islabikes are the leading manufacturer of top quality children’s bicycles in the UK. They had a working WooCommerce site but were finding it difficult to manage. Their previous company has created layer upon layer of custom logic to the store, making small changes hard to implement.

Our first task was to re-engineer the platform to allow the client to prepare for a busy Christmas 2019 in confidence. We managed to optimise and reduce the average page load time from 45 seconds (!) to 5 seconds.

This year, we were planning to rip out their ERP (Netsuite) and replace it with a lighter, open-source web store, connecting to agile, cost-effective third party services. No one expected the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we continued to support the client through large company changes and a huge rise in demand for their products.

One of our greatest satisfactions as a company is helping our client’s long term. We look forward to finalising the new platform with Islabikes this year and pushing forward into the years ahead with new products, electric bikes and the most flexible sales platform they could wish for.