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About Vertex Watches

Vertex Watches Ltd was founded in London in 1916 by Claude Octavius Lyons, a man who loved nothing more than solving problems and making things work.

Here at Devstars, we have a similar approach to building websites and helping clients overcome technical hurdles in order to bring their dreams to life.

In 2016, Vertex Watches was relaunched by Claude Lyons great-grandson, Don Cochrane, with the release of the M100 watch, modernised but following the style of the original WWII timepiece.

The website presented the new watch and supported an exclusive limited launch, with the initial watches only being available to visitors who were in possession of a unique code. When a watch was purchased, the new owner could pass on one referral to a friend.

Since then, the website has grown to include 2 further watches (the M100B and the MP45), both of which are available for general purchase to the public via a new Equid e-commerce platform integration.