Expert WordPress Development

WordPress can provide an excellent solution in the right hands

WordPress Development

We’re a bit different to your run of the mill WordPress developer:

We don’t use off-the-shelf themes. If this is what you are after, maybe speak to that guy in the pub.
We don’t use plugins to code around gaps in knowledge. Better to add a few lines of well-written code than a massive payload and potential security and shared data issues.

Our handcrafted approach to code allows us to produce stylish websites with many functionalities and speedy load times. The recently launched multilingual is a case in point, achieving excellent results on Google Page Speed for mobile.

Over the years, we’ve designed, built and hosted high-performance WordPress sites for brands like Taylor Swift, Headmasters, Molton Brown, Penhaligon’s, Hadid Caviar and Diamantem.

WordPress provides a perfect balance of functionality, security, flexibility, and price in the hands of our expert developers.