Web App & Platform Development

A bespoke software approach is for anyone who is looking for all of the functionality that they want without the hassle of adding integrations or workarounds to their product. Bespoke projects have built in scalability, enhanced security and allow a company complete ownership of their products.

We have decades of experience, building the best tools to help clients with their day to day work.

Bespoke websites and applications

Our Web Development team build sophisticated web applications from the ground up to fit your exact business requirements. From mission-critical systems that manage the queue timing at Heathrow to writing logic that matches young people with great career ideas, we can do it all.

A bespoke website or online store will always run faster than an off-the-shelf platform. There is also the added benefit that the code is not published for anyone to download, therefore being a much more secure option.

If you are looking to take your WebApp through a number of funding rounds, we can advise on best practises.  We aim to keep your new investors happy with system resilience, redundancy and code ownership.

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Tools we use

LAMP Specialists
LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP four platforms that for years have been the cornerstone of web development. These days we expand on these four utilising Nginx web servers and Elasticsearch database.

Yii Framework
Many of our bespoke builds are developed using Yii (Yes it is) a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework that provides us with modules and structure to build robust solutions efficiently.

Just recently we added Elasticsearch to our stack which provides an open search and analytics engine for all types of data. As the name implies it’s a great platform for the sort of enhanced search logic we’re used to with modern search engines.

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