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Stuart Watkins



Stuart Watkins, the CEO of Devstars, has spent decades crafting digital landscapes tailored to client needs, ensuring they have a prominent presence in an ever-evolving digital realm.

Beginning his journey in music, marketing, and youth advertising, Stuart was involved with renowned projects at A&M Records in the UK, including work on Sheryl Crow’s debut album. Early on, he took strides in the digital domain, establishing Traffic Interactive, a noteworthy UK web agency positioned above London’s iconic 100 Club. This venture was a collaboration with Abbot Mead Vickers, Freud Communications, and House of Blues.

His career then took him to Los Angeles, where, alongside House of Blues, he played a role in the digital campaign for Radiohead’s “OK Computer”. Stuart’s initial digital agency in LA was primarily dedicated to the music industry, delivering websites for artists like Coldplay and Supergrass and projects like the MTV European Music Awards.

Over time, Stuart diversified into various sectors. He had a hand in pivotal projects such as the G4S’s Global Intelligence System, Heathrow Airport’s queue timing platform, and the Ministry of Defence research initiatives.

At Devstars, the focus is on creating tailored solutions. While many utilize platforms like WordPress in their basic form, Stuart and his team, drawing an analogy to the automotive world, prefer to approach it with the precision and care of specialists, ensuring enhanced performance and security.

With a wide range of services, from assisting design agencies to developing websites for the real estate sector and large-scale platforms, Devstars has collaborated with several notable names, including Heathrow, G4S, and Timberland, while aiding numerous SMEs and startups.

Currently residing in Jersey in the Channel Islands, Stuart’s days are enriched by time with family, cycling, the companionship of his dog, Harry, and the refreshing routine of sea swims.

In a rapidly digitalizing world, Stuart Watkins remains steady, innovative, and experienced in hand-guiding Devstars.