Key Services

Web Design

To click or not to click. With attention spans getting shorter and constraints of load times, it's the thought that gets put into the page design and content that makes all the difference.

Our in-house web designers and agency partners such as Mystery are well versed in what makes visitors tick (or click).

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Web Development

We are a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) specialist agency used to providing bespoke solutions to our clients needs.

In recent years we have enhanced our team with a new generation of both technical and creative front end developers that get the new challenges of delivering content over mobile, tablet, desktop and TV.

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New data shows that whilst business websites are losing traffic to social channels, Ecommerce store traffic is on the up. The tricky part is using the perfect e-comm platform for your business. We can help quantify your current ecommerce or measure up your new store's needs to suggest the simplest and most cost effective way for you to get to market.

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Social Marketing and SEO

We know that online communication allows your business to quickly collect, evaluate and act upon data received through your digital marketing campaigns. The trick is to make sure you set up your social marketing channels to work in unity with each other & to keep your message simple and direct throughout the campaign.

Which marketing strategies are right for me? Should I focus on driving traffic with SEO and display advertising? Or should I worry about developing valuable content? Should I focus on building a strong social media presence? Or should I launch an email marketing campaign? Our answer is all of the above!

  • multi-channel marketing
  • SEO
  • social media strategy

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Over the years we have built a number of multilingual sites for international businesses and charities. With a well planned site structure new language versions can easily be rolled out. Where possible we try to optimise code and images so common files can be updated across all language versions.

  • multilingual
  • translation

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Mobile Development

With over 71% of enterprises deploying mobile solutions and over 60% of the UK population owning a smartphone it pays to take Mobile App Development seriously. Devstars can offer both native and web App developers coupled with Creative UX design and seamless systems integration for the optimum solution. Having your site, store or app perform well is crucial in today's marketplace.

  • Development
  • Mobile Apps

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