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Your creative work gets results.
But does your website?

Are you frustrated by poor low value leads and lack of business growth despite your talent?

We know you have talent, shouldn’t your dream clients know too?

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Agency?

You’re not just a graphic agency but a business with a vision. But does the world know about your exceptional talent? It’s high time that your dream clients discover what you bring to the table.

Your website should be more than just a Digital Business Card

Your website showcases your creativity, but does it attract the clients you aspire to work with?

Anyone can build a showcase, but how do you make it a magnet for opportunities and a platform that amplifies your professional reputation?

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When Opportunity Knocks

Will Your Website Answer?

Your craft deserves a website that reflects your dedication and creativity.

Are you ready for a website that’s as dynamic and innovative as you are?

If the right time isn’t now, when?

white label services


There are too many of them!

When building websites in the 90s, we used Photoshop to design and a text editor to write HTML. A few years later, Flash came out, and there was a new way to build websites.

Today, there are hundreds of platforms to build and integrate with.

You can hire agencies of all shapes and sizes and freelancers from around the globe. If you have time on your hands, you could even do it yourself.

How do you make the right decisions for you and your end clients?  



Malcolm Gladwell refers to the “10 000-hour rule,” as the key to achieving true expertise in any skill.

Before I got involved in this web business I worked in a number of creative agencies so I’ve seen both sides of the business and understand how ahrd you need to work to keep and retain the best clients.

I’ve just done a few sums and it appears I have 56,000 hours of experience in digital. Combined with my business partners we have a more than a little knowledge in this field.

I’d like to offer you a free consultation to see if we might be a good fit for your agency.

Stuart Watkins
Founder – Devstars

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Digital Services

With the right partner could you upselling digital?

Almost every project you work on will have digital elements to it.

How would it affect your turnover if you could also sell:

  • Websites
  • Landing Page
  • HTML Emails
  • CRM Integration
  • Chat bots
  • AI Services
  • VR and AR Technologies

At Devsars we enabled creative agencies to offer these services for over 20 years.


From start to finish Stuart and his team used their expertise to
guide us towards a site which would be more effective for our
business. They had great ideas and communication was

Simon Malster – Founder

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