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Over the years we have built a number of multilingual sites for international businesses and charities. With a well planned site structure new language versions can easily be rolled out. Where possible we try to optimise code and images so common files can be updated across all language versions.

Bespoke & Off-the-shelf Multilingual solutions

We have years of experience building both WordPress & bespoke Multilingual websites in multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and a range of European languages.

For WordPress, we use both Multisite and WPML (WordPress Multilingual) to achieve client goals. Multisite is better for websites that need to accommodate very different types of content, only some of which will need to be translated, whilst WPML works better for sites where the majority of content will be translated. 

We have long term trusted partners who help brands and charities with transcreation, editing, proofreading, typesetting, content population, video editing, market research and social media translation.

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