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Google Maps new payment structure

Date: 05/06/2018


After 13 years, Google is implementing a major overhaul of its mapping products and has a new pricing structure in place.

The new pricing structure is based upon how many times Google receives a request to serve a map to a website. Essentially, how many hits a page with a map receives each month.

All website owners will need a payment method enabled within their Google Maps account, but those with smaller sites will likely not be charged because their sites do not receive enough traffic.

How do I set up an API key for Google Maps?

If you already use your own API key, you can visit the Guide for Existing Users on Google’s help pages.

If you would like our assistance, you will first need to set up a new API key and assign it to a payment account. Then, click GET STARTED and follow these instructions:

Select maps

Give your project a name

You can use the name of your website, such as or just the brand name or company name.

Once you have input the project name, click NEXT.

Enable billing


You’re all set!

Once you have added billing information you should be supplied with an API key.

Please send this API key to us so we can finish the set up of Google Maps on your website.

If you have any questions please give us a call.

Are there alternatives to Google Maps?

Alternatively, it might be a good time to look at alternatives to Google Maps such as Mapbox.

Mapbox has always had a great product which was originally overlooked by many due to high-cost factors but is now looking very affordable.

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