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Example User Persona: Motocross Accessories – United Kingdom

Charlie Davidson is a 28-year-old construction worker from Manchester. He’s a single guy who lives with flatmates and earns an annual income of £30,000. Charlie is passionate about motocross and spends most of his free time riding his bike or watching motocross events.


Data Points Answers
Name Charlie Davidson
Age 28
Occupation Construction worker
Annual Income £30,000
Marital Status Single
Family Situation No children lives with flatmates
Location Manchester



Data Points Answers
Personal Characteristics Adventurous, outgoing, risk-taker, competitive
Hobbies Motocross, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping
Interests Motorcycles, sports, music, travel
Personal Aspirations To become a professional motocross racer
Professional Goals To advance in his construction career
Pains High injury risk, expensive equipment and maintenance
Main Challenges Balancing time between work and motocross, finding affordable gear
Needs Reliable and high-quality motocross gear and accessories
Dreams To travel the world and participate in international motocross events



Data Points Answers
Budget £100-£500 for accessories and up to £5,000 for a new bike
Shopping Frequency Once every 3-6 months for gear and accessories
Preferred Channels Physical stores, online stores
Online Behavior Browses online for gear, reads reviews and watches videos before making a purchase
Search Terms “Motocross gear,” “motocross accessories,” “best motocross boots,” “motocross helmets”
Preferred Brands Fox, Alpinestars, Thor, 100%, Leatt, Shift, Bell, Shoei
Triggers Discounts, limited-time offers, positive customer reviews, new product launches
Barriers High prices, low product availability, unreliable shipping, poor customer service