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Case Study

Islabikes: WordPress Website

Islabikes was renowned as the UK’s foremost manufacturer of high-quality children’s bicycles. With a legacy of innovation, they were dedicated to providing young riders with the best. However, as with many pioneering companies, their digital presence faced challenges that needed contemporary solutions.

Our Partnership with Islabikes: Elevating the Premier Children’s Bike Brand

The Challenge:

Islabikes operated on a WooCommerce platform, which, over time, had become layered with complex custom logic, courtesy of their previous service provider. This complexity rendered even the smallest of modifications a Herculean task. As Christmas 2019 approached, a season synonymous with peak sales, Islabikes needed a digital platform as robust and reliable as their bicycles.

Our Solution

At Devstars, we believe in solutions that aren’t just effective but are also efficient. Our first order of business was to restructure the platform, ensuring that Islabikes could sail smoothly into the holiday season. Our efforts bore fruit as we successfully slashed the average page load time from a staggering 45 seconds to a mere 5 seconds.

Adapting to Unforeseen Challenges:

2020 had plans of its own. With the unexpected advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide faced unprecedented challenges. Islabikes was no exception, especially with significant company changes and a skyrocketing demand for their products. But true to our ethos, Devstars stood firm with Islabikes, offering unwavering support.

Our initial plan for the year was ambitious: to transition Islabikes from their existing ERP (Netsuite) to a sleeker, open-source web store. This new platform would be integrated with agile and cost-effective third-party services. While the pandemic did alter our timeline, our commitment didn’t waver.


Islabikes’ decision to bring development in-house in 2021 marked the end of our direct collaboration.

However, the solutions we implemented and the challenges we overcame together stand as a testament to our partnership’s strength. At Devstars, we take immense pride in nurturing long-term relationships with our clients.

Even as Islabikes departs from bicycle sales, we cherish the memories of working with and supporting the team.

Supporting a WordPress website with Netsuite Integration

What our clients say…

Devstars found a solution so simple and elegant it was incredible that no one else had thought of it.

They delivered an app, an internal tool, and client interface for a great price, in a timely fashion and most crucially kept working until the bugs were sorted.

Keiren O’Brien Film Locker

We took over managing a WordPress site with so many plug-ins installed that it barely functioned. Devstars and the Headmasters team worked closely to rebuild a lightweight focussed site with fast loading pages and an emphasis on conversion rate optimisation.

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