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Case Study

Molton Brown: Multilingual E-commerce Site

We have developed websites for Molton Brown and Penhaligons, catering to our client Chalhoub. These websites cater to the markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. They were strategically designed to align with the worldwide brand image, while also seamlessly accommodating the Arabic RTL (Right-to-left) script direction.

Ecommerce Website for a High-End Toiletries Brand

Our initial task encompassed replicating the layout and structure of the Brand’s existing UK online stores. Simultaneously, we established a digital centre that could aggregate orders from diverse online origins. This setup facilitated the seamless handling of order processing by the respective local warehouses.

Additionally, we were entrusted with constructing two conventional WooCommerce multisite systems. The overarching objective was to enable the economical and efficient expansion into new geographical regions that required the swift commencement of their trading operations.


The Challenge

Our task revolved around collecting orders from each distinct online store and efficiently directing them to the appropriate warehouse. This required the establishment of a versatile order management system. To fulfill this requirement, we crafted a centralized Hub using Symphony, a flexible framework.

The Hub empowers warehouse personnel to identify orders earmarked for picking, packing, and readiness for dispatch. Upon this selection, the Hub seamlessly triggers the correct courier service for the shipment. Furthermore, the Hub serves as a platform for warehouse staff to perform real-time stock checks and promptly update inventory levels.

The Result

Utilizing WooCommerce Multisite in both English and Arabic languages, the websites we crafted have empowered the client to efficiently gauge the market for Molton Brown (and Penhaligons) across multiple countries.

Benefiting from fortified and secure hosting, the system has demonstrated exceptional performance even during high-demand sales periods, such as White Friday and the Winter Holidays.

Sophie Hill: Marketing Director

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