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Case Studies

Research Program for Defense

MIITTE (an acronym for Maximising the Impact of Immersive Technology for Training and Education) is an MoD research programme on the effectiveness of XR in Defence & Security Training and Education.


For our client NSC, we created a one-page site and HTML newsletter campaign to help build a community of VR, AR and XR specialists. The design and programming both adhere to the IBM Carbon Framework and is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant for accessibility.

miitte-team-image-devstars-ui-ux miitte-team-image-devstars-ui-ux

Research Project Microsite

The website is a bespoke build with attention to clear messaging and user conversions. We kept the copy in bit-sized pieces and used concertinas, grids and expanding forms to create a frictionless journey for potential candidates.

Open Source + Java + NoSQL = Elasticsearch

Mitte dev site 3
Mitte dev site 3
Mitte dev site 3
Mitte dev site 3
Thanks for the joint efforts on this, everyone, truly appreciated the result achieved

Simon Peach – Head of Marketing

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