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Case Study

Heathrow Ambassador Program

Bespoke data capture and reporting tool to assist in airport operations and improve queue timings.


Bespoke platform compiling security threats from around the world and disseminating these to paying subscribers via web and custom email alerts.

Devstars were hired in 2011 to build a system that allowed “ambassador” staff to capture data and provide queue timing systems.

The primary goal was to record “real-world” user journeys and provide efficiencies around the airport.

The Challenge

In the leadup to the 2012 Olympics it was essential that immigration queue times were reduced.

The Solution

We created a system that allowed these to be measured at 15-minute increments. Alerts were sent to border force staff to open more channels if queue lengths were in danger of breaching agreed SLA’s.

The user interface required careful consideration. The tablets Ambassadors were using needed to have an easy to use interface allowing as much eye contact with the public as possible.

The system was used at Heathrow until Lockdown, and was also rolled out to Gatwick, Portland and Atlanta Airports.

We have worked closely with both Capgemini and Cognizant to integrate the  data with other airport systems such as public information screens.

An easy to use interface that allow staff at the airport to easily gather critical data.

What our clients say

“Devstars is a continual support for Omniserv at Heathrow. They often recognise the challenges of the business and identify solutions. Highly recommended”

Andy Barnes

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