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Case Study

Film Locker: A Revolution in Carbon-Neutral, Digital-Film Data Storage

Film Locker prides itself as the leading purveyor of secure, carbon-neutral digital-film data storage to the creative media industries. A single terabyte of data stored in the cloud produces a staggering 9,700kg of CO2e. However, with FilmLocker’s innovative offline storage solution, this emission figure plummets to a mere 37kg.

Film Locker hired Devstars, a pioneer in digital media design, production, and marketing, to redesign and build their WordPress sales site and pioneer a low-carbon, data management solution that would help their clients manage their offline data.

We are now developing stage two whoich will bring further advancments in restoring data and maintaining the low carbind solution.

The Challenge

Film Locker’s clientele, primarily film and TV companies, had a critical need: they required the ability to view directories, review stored content, and request data restoration, all with the added complexity of the data being stored offline.


To accommodate these needs, we needed to develop a solution that would enable a seamless view of each backup, capturing the full folder structure and all the metadata without the file’s weighty content.

The Solution

Harnessing the power of Python, we developed an innovative drag and drop Mac app that would output a drives file structure in XML. The generated file could then be imported into¬† WordPress via a bespoke plug-in and mapped to the client’s individual login.


Now, clients can effortlessly login from the front end, navigate through their drives, and pinpoint the content they need.


What’s more, they can easily request a restore with just a few clicks.


This collaboration with Film Locker reinforces our commitment to creative and efficient solutions in the realm of digital marketing and technology.


With Film Locker we continue to bridge the gap between advanced technology and environmental responsibility, delivering results that exceed our clients’ expectations while sustaining our planet for future generations.


Devstars revolutionised Film Locker’s digital-film data storage by creating a carbon-neutral, user-friendly platform for effortless offline data management.

Devstars found a solution so simple and elegant it was incredible that no one else had thought of it.

They delivered an app, an internal tool, and client interface for a great price, in a timely fashion and most crucially kept working until the bugs were sorted.

Keiren O’Brien Film Locker

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