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Case Studies

G4S Global Intelligence System

If you are a global business with operations in more than 85 countries and employ more than 800,000 people, you really need to make sure they are safe and supply vital information about the places they work. We built a bespoke security platform for G4S compiling threats from around the world and disseminating these to paying subscribers via web and custom email alerts.

Bespoke security platform Bespoke security platform

In 2008 DevStars met with G4S and began a process that would lead to the birth of their Global Intelligence System. At the time, every month G4S would manually combine security reports to send to their clients.


The Challenge

The reports provided critically important data and advice on the latest security threats allowing business travellers to reduce risk when travelling to certain parts of the world. Whilst very useful they were labour-intensive and in a fast-moving world monthly updates just don’t cut it.

The Result

DevStars conceived a platform that would allow G4S agents worldwide to input quality structured data directly into the system with metadata such as:


  • Geo-location
  • Threat level
  • Date & time
  • Type of threat (petty/organised crime, terrorism, political unrest, armed conflict etc.)


We created a front end for end users where they could log in and view alerts via lists and maps as well as configure daily or weekly bespoke email reports.


The system we built for G4S has now been bought in-house and still runs today.

G4S Global Intelligence System
“Our experience of working with Devstars has been hugely positive.”

Simon Malster – Founder

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