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Aerobic Technologies: Web Design, Development & Brand Transformation

Introducing Aerobic Technologies, the innovative minds behind a remarkable piece of equipment.

Despite their groundbreaking product, they encountered a significant obstacle: an underperforming website that failed to effectively showcase their creation to the world. Find out how we helped Aerobic with WordPress and brand development.

The website suffered from disorganised content, a lackluster user experience, and an unclear brand identity, leading to a disconnection with their target audience.

With an exciting new marketing initiative on the horizon, Aerobic Technologies recognised the need for a powerful online presence that could bolster their strategy.

Thrilled to take on the challenge, we stepped in to help. With our expertise in WordPress and brand development we were ready to breathe new life into Aerobic Technologies. 

The Challenge

The success of the new Aerobic Technologies website hinged on delivering essential information to potential customers, enabling them to make well- informed purchase decisions.


As always, first impressions would be important along with rapidly communicating a new product type and it’s benefits.

The Result

To achieve this, we focused on presenting information in a straightforward, clear, and concise manner on the home page, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.


For customers seeking more detailed insights, we implemented dedicated sections for FAQS, Case Studies, and Insights.


Key design and functionality highlights include:


  • Static navigation: Streamlining user experience and directing attention to crucial tasks
  • Video Integration: Showcasing client testimonials through linked videos from their youtube channel.
  • Saving calculator: Awaiting additional data for real time implementation, enhancing decision- making.
  • Contact form: Seamlessly sends data to the client and company CRm for efficient follow- up.
  • Insights area: Housing in-depth articles to boost SEO efforts and provide valuable industry knowledge.


We are excited to assist Aerobic Technologies in the growth of their website.


Our upcoming plans include developing a section dedicated to profiling various digester models while exploring possibilities to integrate machine data directly into the site for real-time reporting.


With our continued collaboration, we are committed to propelling Aerobic Technologies towards even greater success.

“Devstars is a continual support for Omniserv at Heathrow. They often recognise the challenges of the business and identify solutions. Highly recommended”

Andy Barnes


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